How to Use Uber or Lyft without a Smartphone

Smartphones seem to be ubiquitous with modern life in this day in age. They give people access to almost everything we need to live our daily lives.

You might have a friend or two that still uses what phone carriers euphemize as a “feature phones”.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a phone without “data”. They can’t download apps. No Google Maps. No Square Cash. No Snapchat. It’s hard out here for an OG.

Don’t get it twisted tho, my friends without smartphones have more game than a lot of people I know. Also, feature-phones get hella battery time that would make anyone jealous.  Some of those beasts would last more than a week without a charge.

Even I just took the plunge just a little over a year ago on an iPhone. It comes with more expenses, but it’s definitely a game changer.

People with feature-phones still need a ride, so what can we do? This happened to my friend recently where she forgot her phone at her parent’s in Canada.  She asked me to call her an Uber which I was more than willing to do, but what about the rest of the week she wasn’t with her smartphone? She had a laptop, but you can’t “download” Uber onto it.

There is a way my friends.

So How Do I Do The Thing?


How to Get an Uber Without A Smartphone

  • Go to

  • Login using your phone number or username.

  • Your browser will ask for permission to give uber your locations information so it knows where to pick you up.

  • Get an uber just like the app on your phone!

  • Uber is letting me give you $5 off each of your first 2 Uber rides. Use code 'uberRVMendoza' to sign up. I also get a free ride if you do. Go for it!


How to Get a Lyft Without A Smartphone

  • Go to

  • Once you log in, it’ll send out a verification text. This is the gag. If you don’t have a cell phone, you’re out of luck with this one unless you can access your texts somewhere.  Maybe use a Google Voice number?

  • Once you’ve logged in, just like the Lyft on your phone!

  • I have a Lyft referral link you want to use it.  You get $20 in free ride credits and I get $10, so I figured you wanted to take advantage. Can’t really get it from signing up by yourself.

There seems to be an inverse trend happening with smartphones and feature phones.  I’m happy that features like these are still available for those who don’t have access to a device that can download apps.


Find Your True North:

  • Smartphones and data plans are a big cost. But at the same time, they almost seem required for you to live you life. Just try on this thought: "Do I truly *need* a smartphone?"  I'm not implying valuation on smartphones, it's just good to recalibrate your relationship with wants and needs once in a while.
  • When searching out solutions, do you have a tendency to look for quick fixes or sustainable change? Which path will serve you better?
  • Are there things in your life that you can get in more than one way? What are the give and takes of those alternative ways?