5 Ways to use Instagram TV for Conferences

instagram-tv-CONTENT-2018 copy.jpg
It's exhausting.

Instagram Posts? Instagram Stories? Instagram Live? Now Instagram TV?

Just when you got a handle on one thing, there's always something new to wrestle with.

You're trying to engage your conference attendees and incite FOMO that drives ticket sales.

How do we do it with with Instagram TV? Here are five ways to use it for your Conference.

1. Behind the Scenes Video 


This is a major opportunity to engage your conference attendees with IGTV.

Attendees love being in-the-know and love being part of the journey to making your conference great.

Post longer form videos of people working on the event. Introduce the staff and the volunteers.

This creates a relationship with your audience so attendees can know what to expect when they get there, and people who are on the fence can see who's behind the machine.

2. Use it to Explain How to Submit Sessions


Use Instagram TV as another way to reach people that want to submit to your Conference. Quickly lay out for them what it takes to submit a talk or a session to your conference.


3. Name Drop Your Keynote Speakers


This is another opportunity to speak to your conference attendees about the fantastic speakers you have booked for your conference. You are already pushing the big-shot speaker you have everywhere you, and this will inevitably drive registration or ticket sales because of the name you can associate with your conference.


4. Post Videos from Past Conferences


You can use Instagram TV as a way to remind the audience of the fantastic experiences they had last year. This can be videos of past keynote speakers, sessions, performers, and after-parties.

It's all about reminding past attendees that they had a great time the year before, while showing potential attendees that your conference is worth it.



5. Make "Frequently Asked Questions" videos

Conferences inevitably get a lot of questions about things. This is a way to address your most frequently asked questions in an engaging way. Your conference can make regular updates as if it was a show.

"This Week's Most Frequently Asked Questions".

You can address things like:

  • Is food provided?
  • Are there vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options?
  • Are the building accessible?
  • Is there a discount for students?
  • Do I have to pre-register or can I do it when I get there?

Just to name a few. Yes this may be one your website, but this is all about fostering a relationship with your attendees.

To Sum It Up

I know that you probably didn't need ANOTHER thing to add on your plate as a conference organizer. Consider Instagram TV is just another way to foster and engage a relationship with your attendees, future or current.

This is a major opportunity to reach an entirely new group of future attendees, as well as entertain and excite the folks that already plan on coming.