Creative CSS Solutions to Design Problems.

    As a front-end web developer, I believe that making something mobile-first, responsive, and accessible is not only good practice, but an opportunity to increase our capacity for compassion and empathy.


Finding someone that can code is easy...

But what about finding a front-end web developer that can merge into your agile team? What about a user interface architect that can collaborate with your designers and back-end developers to deliver responsive UI that's native to the modern browser?

That's where I come in.

My user-first approach has empowered organizations from multi-billion dollar financial institutions, to start-ups looking to pioneer an uncharted industry.

I've helped teams win a array of accolades like JD Power Awards for our responsive web apps, and Google's "Game Changer" award for creating a Fitbit for sales.

I specialize in HTML, CSS, and ReactJS to help you build modular and semantic web components for the modern browser.

I'm Agile ready and have available bandwidth for projects in 2018.

If you would like to build something together, feel free to get in touch.


  • Specializes in reusable and modular UI Architecture built in HTML, CSS and ReactJS

  • Ensures the feasibility of UI/UX designs and always keeps the native digital experience (and its limitations) in mind

  • Advocates for and researches style methodologies such as SUIT and Functional CSS

  • Adapts to PostCSS, Sass, Less and other style methodologies

  • Integrates well with Agile, Git, Github, and other project management processes

Outside of UI Development, I'm an  Instagram Expert , a  Queer Emotional Intelligence Coach , and a  Disco Pop Diva .

Outside of UI Development, I'm an Instagram Expert, a Queer Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a Disco Pop Diva.